Every year, on the 22nd of April, the world earth day is celebrated.

What makes this year important is the ‘Paris Agreement’ which almost 200 countries have agreed to sign today in a small celebration at the United Nations.

There are clear and proven facts about the issues the earth currently faces. We should all know the earth is getting warmer and may be too warm for many lives to survive, we should all know deforestation and water scarcity is a global problem which is causing food shortages and deadly heat waves, it is also important we know that there are simple ways in which we all contribute to global warming and climate change.

What then can I do to save the earth?


There are several little practices that we can do to save the earth, and one of the most basic of them is to plant a tree.

This year at ‘LoveMyEarth’ we are starting a campaign to have in indoor plant on every desk or table. Dinning tables, kitchen tables, office desk, reception desk, dressing tables, e.t.c. One little beautiful flower pot at a time, will help keep the harmful gasses such as Carbon dioxide away from our earth.

Each little effort by many individuals can save the world we live in today for the generations after us. Meet your local gardener to pot in indoor plant for you.


Need help finding your little flower pot? Drop a comment below and we will get back to you.

Be green, be responsible.


How cute is my little flower pot? 



4 thoughts on “It’s world earth day, what does that mean to you?

  1. As little as a small flower pot, will definitely make a difference. I once wrote on that desk and drank from that mug 🙂 #GetOnePotForUrDesk


  2. As little as a small flower pot can definitely make a difference. I wrote on that desk and drank from that mug – pictures of your desk 🙂


  3. Great cause. Everyone should be enlightened about the environmental issues. The earth is truly getting too warm and we need to help save it. Will try to get my own plant pot soon!


  4. The annual average temperature rises increases to 3.6°C annually against Internationally agreed 2°C.
    Preserve the earth, and she will preserve you in return…


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