Newsflash: I don’t have a plant on my work table anymore.

But I took my planting tooooo……. wait for it…



……………………………………………My bathroom.

Well, I have had three different plants on my work table in the past month but they have been given to friends.

The plant per desk campaign really has been supported, In fact, more support than I expected in the first month. Not only am I amazed at the number of people who read the blog but it is encouraging to see the number of people who asked me personal questions such as: What can I do about climate change? Is this really a thing or it’s just something a couple of elites talk about?

Remember my last post on the carbon footprint of sausages and salad? (You can read it here) well, I got a call from a friend who said “you made my next sausage so distasteful”. That is in no way my intention at all.

So since I didn’t have any plant on my table anymore, I went shopping for plants. As I am running a #APlantPerTable campaign, it is imminent that I go shopping for new plant species quite often. Indoor plants are sort of rare in this part of the world but you know when you really go searching for something, you find it.

What is more exciting is that my next batch of indoor plants came in mud pots. So I got rid of the plastic pots since they had a higher carbon foot print and planted in the mud pots. Trust me they still looked as cute.


I ended up buying more cactus than any other plant specie. They seemed to appeal to me more.

This little princess bullied me to take a picture of her.
My bathroom got three new plants!!


Having a problem getting the right plant on your table? please drop a comment below and I will be pleased to help.


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