Last week, my friend posted a tweet and it read:

‘Leonardo DiCaprio has my dream life’

I asked him if this has to do with the fact that Leonardo is good looking and always date young nice looking girls? He blurted out, well, yes! that is a reason, but most importantly because he is not even a scientist and he gets to do a whole documentary on climate change.

We laughed it off and I told him he could be a famous scientist too if he worked at it, and he could stay attractive if he treated his body right too. In the middle of being the supportive friend and feeling pity for my poor friend, I realised the past one year has been a tipping point for the climate discussions.

If you can recall here, where I wrote about the Paris agreement, to the 10 years anniversary of Al-Gore’s inconvienient truth and then the release of the documentary movie ‘Before the Flood’, a remarkable amount of information has seeped through several channels to shed more light on the issue at hand.


With a running time of 95 minutes, you might wonder why you have to sit through an entire documentary if you do not have a keen interest in the subject matter, but like civic duties, having a sense of climate is an environmental duty, which goes beyond the responsibility of environmentalist.

In the documentary, Leo travels around the world to capture real life evidences of changes in climate as well as actions already being carried out to mitigate the risk that comes with Climate change. He meets with scientists to discuss how these changes affect each one of us with respect to your geographical zone.

Despite the effort of giant fossil fuel companies to counter argue the science of climate change, the realities are becoming clearer in costal cities and the ice zones which makes it very difficult to deny the existence of climate change.

How about you take 95 minutes of your time to learn more about the danger the earth faces? Trust me, there are no boring scientific explanations. Leo has done a good job by seeing the issue through the eyes of a ‘Non expert’ who wants to know more.


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