I believe we all know the process of making paper. As a child, I understood conveniently how pencils could have been made from trees but understanding how papers were made from trees was the one idea I baffled with. If you are still baffled and would like to understand better, you can watch a short youtube clip on paper production here. 

With a need to make the best use of waste in form of paper, a team of four came together to form wood out of refined newspaper. Of course the resulting wood is soft and may not be considered for heavy load bearing projects, they have been used widely across industries from the automobile to the architectural industries.

The Newspaper wood team (www.newspaperwood.com)
Not exciting enough? wait till you see the brands they have partnered with and the products that have been made from the collaborations.

In 2012, the Newspaperwood team partnered with Automobile giant Peugeot to design the interior of the ‘Onyx futuristic car’

The interior of the Peugeot Onyx car 
In 2014, ViJ5 experimented on some Newspaperwood and created these furniture pieces

In 2015, the partnership with Nixon resulted in using the soft wood in watches

In 2014 Peugeot Design Lab printed 20,000 newspapers for their Milan Design Week show, at the end of the week the 3 000 remaining newspapers were recycled into a block of NewspaperWood, the waste of the 2014 show thus became a primary material in the creation of the products for the 2015 show


This idea was conceived by Mieke Meijer as a project while he was a student and it has gone on to be a well accepted product hitting the market especially in the furniture field.

How about starting that project you’ve always thought about now? 


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