Cop 23 starts tomorrow!!

Since the begining of the second half of 2017, there has been alot of buzz on the upcoming COP23 in Bonn, Germany. It is great to see that like every other high level governmental discussions, the COP over the years has gained incredible momentum and has made the issues of climate and the enviornment a big part … Continue reading Cop 23 starts tomorrow!!


Energy Indicators for Sustainable Development.

  How exactly is our energy profile accessed? Recently I stumbled on a list of indices that are used to analyze energy profiles of countries. So basically, saying 100 million people do not have access to electricity in Africa is not a vague expression, neither does it mean they these people have never seen a … Continue reading Energy Indicators for Sustainable Development.

Do you know about the Google ‘project sunroof’?

Since its inception in 1998, Google has created several products to make life easier for its users and humanity at large. Larry Page (Founder of Google) is fond of saying if you choose a more difficult problem to tackle, you will have less competition. With a lot of hardware investment going into alternative energy, Google … Continue reading Do you know about the Google ‘project sunroof’?